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Capping and Closing Equipment

High Speed Capping Systems

Biner Ellison manufactures high speed capping equipment to secure most cap types onto a wide assortment of bottle types. All capping machines utilize the latest technologies to achieve the highest speeds and most accurately capped bottles on the market. Two styles of capping systems: Rotary Chuck Cappers and Spindle Cappers.

Rotary Chuck Capping machine for high speed bottling

Biner Ellison RC Series

The Biner Ellison RC Series Cappers are versatile rotary capping systems designed to complement high speed rotary bottling equipment. These flexible rotary cappers continuously sort, apply, and torque caps to a variety of different container sizes and shapes.

Automatic Overflow Filler

Automatic 8 Spindle Capper

The ASC-8 features a centrifugal bowl orientator and eight spindles for automatically placing and capping screw and lug type closures. Its extra set of spindles help it accurately cap deep well caps and specialty items that require higher torque. It can accomodate cap sizes from 10mm to 110mm with no modifications.

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